XA Laboratories

Nanocatalyst and Complex Aerosol Research

Student research project in Denver, Colorado - exploring tobacco combustion alteration, nanocatalyst additives, and Ames testing for inhaled aerosols

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Tobacco and Combustion Sciences Research, Led by University Undergraduates

The creation of XA Laboratories was inspired by a series of experiments carried out by Dr. James D. Mold in the 1970s, with years of research culminating in the discovery of the use of nanocatalysts to create a minimally carcinogenic cigarette. While we do not advocate for the use of tobacco, we believe that aerosol and combustion science will benefit greatly from reproduction, validation, and further inquiry into this line of trials, including cost-effective adaptation of Ames testing for smoke particulates.

Our first and foremost mission is to establish an ethical and unbiased culture in the field of tobacco science, with an academically-minded methodology of experimentation related to the aerosols formed by tobacco smoke, the possibility of using nanocatalysts to reduce mutagenic potential, and eventual expansion into areas such as analyzing the behavioral psychology underlying electronic cigarette use. Our aim is to add to the current body of understanding surrounding health promotion & disease prevention of tobacco and tobacco-derived products.

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Supporting XA Laboratories

Our organization is student-run. We are carrying out seed funding from PinS undergraduate research scholarship from the University of Denver, and generous donations from individuals genuinely interested in seeing independent inquiry into the field of tobacco disease prevention. If you or your organization is interesting in supporting our efforts, we kindly ask you to visit our contact us. The specific steps expected to take place in the following year are outlined in the projects PDF below.

Innovative Testing

Designing more affordable screening processes for smoke mutagenicity

Ethical Science

Providing unbiased R&D into tobacco technology and disease prevention

Academic Publications

Striving to publish academically valuable research papers ready for peer review

Expanding Inquiry

Augmenting the breadth of respiratory health experiments as funding increases

General Inquiry and Research Affiliate Contact

Interested in supporting XA Laboratories™ and would like more information? Call or email a representative for more details regarding funding/sponsorship, questions about our experiments, or suggestions for future laboratory trials.


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